About Our Products

All of our lobster is locally caught on the Maine coast, mostly in Casco Bay where we live. The Maine lobster industry is sustainable and eco-friendly. The Maine lobster fishery is one of the most successfully regulated industries. Overall catches are not limited in Maine, but they are regulated by trap limits, size limits on lobsters, treatment of egg-laden female lobsters (they are returned to the water), and barriers to entry that prevent the industry from growing too big. As the fishery has grown over time, the regulations have changed and adapted to fit new situations. This process has led to a sustainable resource and a fishery that continues to prosper where others have failed.

Maine lobster is good for you. Lobster has fewer calories, less total fat and less cholesterol than lean beef, whole eggs, and even roasted skinless chicken breast. It is also high in amino acids, potassium and magnesium.

All Natural

We only use the freshest, all-natural ingredients. None of our products have preservatives, and all use an abundance of fresh Maine lobster meat and seafood. Products are made in small batches to preserve the integrity of the long-held recipes and are prepared daily. We source the majority of our ingredients locally or regionally such as our seafood, cream, butter and cheeses. We know where everything comes from and we are particular about who we buy from.

Quality Assurance

We are careful about how we produce everything in our plant. We know folks are sensitive to particular ingredients that contain the major allergens and gluten. Many of our products are Gluten-Free. We follow Good Manufacturing Processes and are inspected by the FDA and the Maine Department of Agriculture, and are considered exemplary in our plant. We have been audited by an independent food safety and quality auditor and have always received a rating of “Excellent”. Our quality assurance program is designed to ensure a safe and high quality product each and every time it is made.