Lobster Rolls

Lobster Rolls

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Our Lobster Rolls are made with big, tasty pieces of fresh, never frozen claw and knuckle meat, along with just a touch of mayo and light seasoning--just the way we buy them on the wharf at home. Just as important is the New England Split-Top Roll, which can be grilled to complete this Maine delicacy.
For best quality, we recommend consuming lobster salad by the "best by" date on the container, generally 2-3 days after receipt.

You Will Receive:
Lobster Salad (6 oz., fresh)
2 Split-Top Rolls (frozen)

Lobster Salad (12 oz., fresh)
4 Split-Top Rolls (frozen)

Lobster Salad (1 lb., fresh)
6 Split-Top Rolls (frozen)

Lobster Salad (24 oz., fresh)
8 Split-Top Rolls (frozen)

Ships Fresh

Preparation Instructions: Pull rolls apart gently. Butter outside surfaces of the rolls. Heat skillet over medium-high heat. Place rolls, one buttered side down, in skillet. Cook until browned lightly—about 1-2 minutes per side. Open rolls and fill with the fresh Maine lobster salad.

Lobster Salad: Lobster meat, mayonnaise (soybean oil, water, whole eggs and egg yolks, vinegar, salt, sugar, lemon juice, calcium disodium EDTA [used to protect quality], natural flavors), spices. Contains: egg, milk, shellfish, soy. Made in a facility that uses: wheat, fish, tree nuts.

Split-Top Rolls: Wheat flour (with barley malt, niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), high fructose corn syrup, yeast. Contains 2% or less of the following: soybean oil, maltodextrin, dextrose, cornstarch, salt, dough conditioner (ethoxylated mono and diglycerides, sodium stearoyl lactylate), soy oil, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate, calcium iodate, calcium propionate (to protect freshness), calcium peroxide, soy flour. Contains: wheat, soy. Made in a facility that uses: Fish, shellfish, milk, egg, tree nuts.

Nutritional Information:
Lobster Salad: Serving size: 1⁄3 cup (85g). Calories: 80. Calories from fat: 15. Total fat: 1.5g. Saturated fat: 0g. Trans fat: 0g. Cholesterol: 120mg. Sodium: 490mg. Total carbohydrate: less than 1g. Dietary fiber: 0g. Sugars: 0g. Protein: 16g.

Split-Top Rolls: Serving size: 1 Roll (42g). Calories: 120. Calories from fat: 15. Total fat: 1.5g. Saturated fat: 0g. Trans fat: 0g. Cholesterol: 0mg. Sodium: 220mg. Total carbohydrate: 23g. Dietary fiber: 1g. Sugars: 4g. Protein: 4g.

Serving Suggestion: The traditional way to serve lobster rolls is with potato chips and a pickle. They are great with a tossed green salad or coleslaw and a beer. Follow it with Whoopie Pies for a Downeast meal, and it's truly a classic.

Shelf Life: Store Lobster Salad in the refrigerator. For best quality, we recommend consuming by date specified on product label. Lobster Salad is a fresh product and cannot be frozen.

Downeast is a term used in Maine to describe the coastal northeast portion of the state. Going "Downeast" derives from the days when clipper ships sailed the coast. A vessel heading East would be sailing downwind as the prevailing winds in Maine blow from the West.

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Thank you!
Posted by Susan | Jun 9, 2017
Just wanted to say Thank you for getting our lobster rolls all the way out to us on Ocracoke, NC & overnight to boot! Fantastic service & always delicious products! Awesome! Til we order again....YUM
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Romantic Dinner For Two
Posted by Cecelia Dawe-Gillis | Apr 4, 2017
Our taste buds were dancing! Each item was fresh, authentic, and absolutely delectable.
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Authentic New England!!!
Posted by Neil Zipp | Dec 31, 2016
I have ordered these lobster rolls numerous times via Goldbely, which is how I discovered you. I was in love at first bite from my very first shipment. They were the equivalent of the best lobster rolls I enjoyed on my various jaunts to New England. Simple, straightforward showcasing of the Lobster. I follow the accompanying directions, drizzle with a tad bit of extra melted butter and finish with a light sprinkling of celery salt (a secret ingredient from my favorite lobster roll restaurant). Perfection! The ultimate foodie gift!