Pick Two Casseroles & Save

Pick Two Casseroles & Save

Offer available until Wednesday, February 21st @ 12PM EST.


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Eligible Products:
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2. Lobster Mac & Cheese Casserole for 6
3. Lobster Risotto Casserole
4. Shellfish Mac & Cheese Casserole
5. Crab Mac & Cheese Casserole
6. Lobster Mac & Cheese with Hatch Chiles
7. Lobster Stuffed Pasta Shells
8. Seafood Lasagna
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Pick 2 Casserole Promo is back! Now is the ideal time to stock your freezer and save; for a limited time, we've added our new Lobster Mac & Cheese with Hatch Chile Casserole.
Simply select an item from "Product 1" and an item from "Product 2" and then "Add to Cart."

Choose from our featured 2.5 lb casseroles or our package of 10 Lobster Stuffed Pasta Shells:
Lobster Mac & Cheese Casserole (1168)
Lobster Risotto Casserole (1725)
Shellfish Mac & Cheese Casserole (4230)
Lobster Stuffed Pasta Shells (1162)
Lobster Mac & Cheese with Hatch Chiles (1165)
Seafood Lasagna (1164)
Crab Mac & Cheese Casserole (4228)

You Will Receive:
Select Casserole (2.5 lbs)
Select Lobster Stuffed Pasta Shells (10 shells, 2 oz. each)
Ships Frozen


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Seafood casseroles
Posted by Malina | Oct 29, 2017
Excellent flavor with just the right amount of seasonings and seafood. It's one of our favorites!