Live Maine Lobsters - Six

Working with our friends down the road at Hawkes Lobster in Cundy's Harbor, we ship you the best Maine lobster available. When you order from us, longtime lobsterman Gary Hawkes and his sons pull your live Maine lobsters from the traps on the day they are shipped to you. As soon as the boat hits the dock, these fresh Maine lobsters are prepared for shipment and are sent directly to your door. Lobster from Maine is sought after for a reason: the cold North Atlantic waters makes for sweet and succulent lobster meat. And we provide all of the necessary instructions for handling, cooking, and serving your lobsters at home.

These are live Maine lobsters, so they must ship Overnight. Please note that we are unable to ship live Maine lobsters to Alaska and Hawaii.

You Will Receive:
Live Lobsters - Six (1.25 lbs each)

Gluten Free


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Posted by Judy Gurley  |  Jun 16, 2019
Some of the best 1 1/4 lbs lobsters ever. Really full of lobster meat. Out of 3 lobsters, got a full meal and two. HUGE lobster rolls.

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My order of live lobsters
Posted by Tamara K.  |  Mar 29, 2019
The lobsters arrived alive and ready to cook. The directions for cooking and eating were so helpful. They were so fresh and delicious. It was great to have for my daughter in laws birthday dinner. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. It's almost impossible to get fresh seafood in South Dakota.

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lobster stew

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