Picnic Pointers

Picnic Pointers

Helpful Hints for any picnic enthusiast

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Shop for lightweight , resealable containers: Bowls with built in ice rings are perfect for salads mixed with mayonaisse. Also more shallow bowls create more surface area and allow food to stay colder.

Place heavier items on the bottom of your basket: Begin by packing items that you will need last, ending with a festive tablecloth on top.

Pick a bunch of wildflowers for a centerpiece: Use flowers from the surrounding area, or use fresh fruit in a bowl if no flowers are available.

Include entertainment: Plan games, bring a portable CD player or for an evening picnic, bring along a telescope for stargazing.

Prepare for cleanup: Bring wet wipes, paper towels and garbage bags. You can use one for trash and one for dirty dishes.

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