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It all began with Nana.
In 1946, Hazel Ellis Hancock started a lobster restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine. Nana's mission statement (although she would never have used that term) was to deliver the finest Maine lobster, the finest customer service and the best "Maine" experience to her customers. For 25 years, Nana ran that restaurant with her two sisters, Fannie and Mina, and they taught their children and grandchildren (Cal Hancock among them) well. The restaurant is still in the Hancock family today and serving the finest Maine lobster available to its customers.

Returning to her Roots
Generations of Cal's family have spent many years teaching people "from away" how to solve the mystery of eating Maine lobster. After spending 25 years away from Maine as a senior executive in several medical information management companies, where she focused on customer service and quality control, Cal returned to Maine with her husband Jack Rosberg to revisit her passion for quality lobster products.


Combining her business experience with her love of good cooking, Cal created Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company in December of 2000. With a mission statement similar to Nana's, Cal works to bring great Maine lobster to customers around the country using long held family recipes that combine ease of preparation with the highest standards of quality and customer service.

In just a few short years, Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company has become the market leader in high value, gourmet lobster and seafood products. Winner of multiple Gold and Silver awards from the prestigious National Association for Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) and from the Gallo Family Vineyards Gold Medal Awards. Today our company's products are available at upscale retail outlets in 20 states, in fine mail order companies, and directly from our company.

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company Today
Cal and her team work out of a test kitchen (also known as home) in Cundy's Harbor, Maine's oldest commercial lobstering community. A production and fulfillment facility is located in nearby Topsham, Maine.

As Nana taught her, Cal uses only the freshest, natural ingredients (without any preservatives) and an abundance of fresh Maine lobster meat and shellfish. Products are made in small batches daily to preserve the integrity of the recipes. The products are then shipped directly to the customer's door via overnight or two-day delivery, and ready to prepare and enjoy or save for future use.

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