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Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company is a specialty food business focused on the production, sales and distribution of all-natural, restaurant-quality gourmet lobster and seafood specialty products. Founded in 2000, we maintain a test kitchen in Cundy's Harbor, Maine's oldest commercial lobstering village, and a production and fulfillment center in Topsham, Maine, just a few miles away.

Our product development and ongoing manufacturing efforts aim to extend traditional New England recipes into a greater marketplace, build awareness of the value-added lobster category as a whole and provide consumers the opportunity to eat and enjoy great Maine lobster "without the bib…without the hassle." All of our products, inspired by founder Cal Hancock's family recipes, are prepared in small batches to ensure the integrity of traditional recipes and are named after a specific Maine coastal area.

Offer high-quality, value-added lobster specialties that are ready-to-serve – making Maine lobster more accessible to consumers.

Core Values

  • Quality. We use the best ingredients available and we are committed to supporting Maine companies. We purchase our cream, butter and milk from local dairies and our Maine lobster from local lobstermen ("women who lobster" – several of whom work for us – prefer to be called lobstermen), all of whom are established family businesses that actively supporting the preservation of the lobster supply. Our favorite supplier is Sue Hawkes, a neighbor in Cundy's Harbor whose family has been lobstering for generations. The live lobsters that Sue sends to our customers come out of her husband's and son's traps on the day they are shipped – when we want lobster to eat at home, we buy from Sue, that's how good it is.

  • People Assets. Cal and her husband Jack have spent over 60 years (combined, thank goodness) taking care of customers. We appreciate how important each customer is and work hard to hire people who understand this as well. We currently have an outstanding permanent staff of seven full time employees.

  • Commitment to Service. The very best part of our business are the calls and emails from customers raving about the quality and service received from our little company on the coast of Maine. We are innovative and proactive in finding new and better ways to share our great products with our customers, and that requires constant attention to every detail. We work hard to introduce the values and integrity of Maine business to 'people from away', and it is really rewarding and fun!

  • Innovation. All of this — the quality, the people, the service — combine to support our growing line of lobster and seafood specialties. We like to be innovative in everything we do — from product development to hiring the best folks to work with us, to exceeding our customer's expectations on all levels.

Management Team

  • Cal Hancock, Founder and President
  • Jack Rosberg, General Counsel
  • Kevin Messier, Executive Chef
  • Rige Melendez, Shipping Manager
  • Andrea Halperin, Wholesale Manager

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