"On Board" Sample Menu

"On Board" Sample Menu

A day of perfect food... excellent for boating.

Breakfast- For breakfast try treating your guests to jam and freshly baked 72 layer Cream Cheese Biscuits along with a hot cup of coffee. The biscuits are easy to pop in the oven- no work required. The sweet jam will awaken even the sleepiest of sailors. Maine blueberry muffins are also always a hit since the salt air of the ocean makes anyone's stomach growl. Compliment these baked goods with wedges of fresh fruit such as watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew. Think also about making food ahead, for example granola. If ingredients are already mixed pre boarding, there is less time spent in the galley and more time sightseeing on deck.

Blueberry Muffins

Lunch- As the hours tick by, lunch time quickly rolls around and its time to amaze your guests again. For a simple lunch try a Lobster and Black Bean Salad with tall glasses of lemonade. The salad can be made ahead and chilled. Lobster is a great way to bring the ocean up onto the boat rather than the sea floor. Serve this salad with tortilla chips and salsa for a refreshing afternoon treat. Another lunch idea is Downeast Lobster Rolls served with potato chips and coleslaw. Easy and delicious.

Lobster and Black Bean Salad

Dinner- After a long day in the sun, large appetites will be brewing. Allow your guests to freshen up before the big meal of the day, then, spread comfortable cushions on the deck to add extra seating. Rather than being cramped down below deck, this allows everyone to stretch out and take in the last few rays of sun. As an appetizer, Dockside Lobster Dip is always a favorite. This appetizer gets everyone reminiscing about the day while the main course is being prepared. If less preparation is desired, try our Yarmouth Island Lobster Hors d'Oeuvre. Another easy dish, I usually serve with crackers or sesame breadsticks. It's always a hit. A Seafood Casserole will top off the day on the water and it is perfect for traveling. It can be made up to three days in advance and all that is needed at the last minute is the toasting of the pecans to add a crunch to this meal. For another seafood variation, try our Isleboro Seafood Newburg. It comes ready to heat on board and is perfect served over pasta, with a salad and a light Pinot Grigio. A plate of chocolate-cinnamon coins is the perfect ending to this "on board" feast. Also able to be made ahead, this sweet dessert is just right for travel.

Dockside Lobster Dip OR Yarmouth Island Lobster Hors d'Oeuvre
Seafood Casserole

lobster stew

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