Make the 4th of July Festive

Make the 4th of July festive

Great ideas for decorating during the 4th of July

Make the 4th of July festive image
  • Shape invitations into flags, sprinkle with red/white/blue glitter, cover with contact paper then adhere actual invitation over
  • Pack beach lunches in sand buckets that can then be used to build sand castles or collect treasures
  • Use flag toothpicks threw burgers
  • Cut off large flower heads such as sunflowers, and place down the runner of a table
  • Stock up on mason jars to use when serving lemonade and iced tea
  • Terra cotta pots to hold silverware outside, tie with a colorful ribbon
  • Dress up a plain glass votive holder with ribbon. Use hot glue to secure blue grosgrain ribbon (about 1 1/2 inches wide) to the glass, then tie a narrow red ribbon around it. Put one votive at each place setting (see photograph from Better Homes and Gardens)
  • To create place cards, use a Polaroid camera and take pictures of a bright blue sky and white clouds. Use a permanant marker to write a name on the bottom white section (see photograph from Better Homes and Gardens)
  • Try using natural flavors to kick up a boring pitcher of water. Float raspberries, blueberries, and scented geranium leaves or other herbs in water for a fragrant, nonalcoholic drink
  • For an afternoon get together, try to serve things that don't require a plate. For example, if you are serving chicken wings, place a large roll of paper towels on the table instead
  • For a brunch, bring the toaster right into the dining room with a big platter of sliced bagels. This way everyone can help themselves without disrupting the flow of conversation
  • Not enough pitchers around for water? Wash out an old wine or juice bottle, hold under hot water to loosen the label and fill them up
  • When making salsa from scratch, always make a double batch. Add the mixture to mashed avocado for instant guacamole
  • When you serving a buffet where people are standing up, make sure everything is bite sized; this way no one has to balance a plate, fork and knife
  • When serving a party larger than normal, and you don't have enough serving dishes, use anything around the house. A perfect solution for bread is standing it up in a clear vase.
  • Making meatballs is the perfect way to involve kids in the kitchen. They love to work with their hands and they will want to follow your directional example.
  • Use a colorful tile to protect your table from a hot dish. Make sure that the top is totally flat to ensure that the pot will stay stable.
  • A great way to start a conversation is to walk around with an open wine bottle to engage all your guests. It is a great way to let everyone talk to the host.
  • Instead of switching from cocktails to a fancier glass of wine at the table, try starting off with wine and allowing your guests to bring their glasses to the table.

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