Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day Celebration

Plan a day of patriotic fun!

If you are planning to be on your boat, in the backyard having a BBQ or on the beach for a picnic, Labor Day should be used to celebrate the last days of summer. Create flavorful menus that incorporate the outdoors as much as possible. Use color, texture and patriotic themes to represent the holiday! Try our new Maine Shore Dinner, the ultimate lobster bake in a bag. Packaged in a large foil bag that can be cooked on your grill or in your oven.

Fun Food

* watermelon
* Hamburgers
* hotdogs
* Lobster rolls
* rootbeer floats
* potato chips
* corn on the cob
* make your own sundaes
* summer berry parfait

Decorations and Entertaining Ideas

* Use red, white and blue streamers to create a patriotic setting.
* Pass out red, white and blue Marti Gras beads when guests arrive.
* Think COLOR when planning the meal, for example use fresh tomatoes, blueberries, and cauliflower. These are not only the best when fresh, but they provide festive Labor Day color.
* Serve Spiked Lemonade to guests of age (make a virgin batch for the younger people in the group).
* Organize a game of Croquet on the lawn. This is a great way to get guests involved in a little physical activity that can still be relaxing as well as entertaining. This game does not take a lot of skill, but provides hours of fun.
* Have a lobster bake! Take in one last bit of seafood for the summer. Purchasing live lobster that you can cook yourself adds an element of fun to any lobster bake. With any lobster bake, an ending of rich chocolate is perfect! Try our Chocolate Lobster Brownies or Whoopie Pies.
* Serve lobster rolls. If you are more of a crab lover, make crab rolls instead. This can easily be done by purchasing jumbo lump crabmeat, then mixing it with mayonnaise and seafood seasoning.
* Late August brings beautiful flowers to any garden, so pick a fresh bouquet for your centerpiece. Enjoy the outdoors not only in the yard but on the table as well.
* A great thing to grill on Labor Day is lobster tails. Purchase Two Maine Lobster Tails or our Lemon Butter Tails and half the work is done for you!

lobster stew

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