Thanksgiving Entertaining

Plan a festive holiday party!

  • *Swirl a bittersweet vine around a pumpkin for an instant centerpiece. Use dried fruit and pieces of star anise on the table as well around the pumpkin. This not only looks good, it smells good!
  • *A slender glass container filled with a mix of cranberries and other small fruit gives a touch of glamour when a small votive candle is placed on top. The lit candle will sparkle like the colors of the fruit below.
  • *Wreaths are not only for Christmas. Make a wreath for Thanksgiving by using festive produce such as gourds or small pumpkins.
  • *Forget about fancy faces and pumpkin patterns. Instead go for a graphic look by drilling holes into the pumpkin. Cut out a circle on top of the pumpkin and remove the insides. Create a pattern on the outside of the pumpkin with round stickers. When ready, use a drill to bore holes through the pumpkin skin. Remove stickers right before drilling. Place a small votive candle or tealight inside the pumpkin, light, and enjoy!
  • *Pumpkins also make great centerpieces when filled with fall foliage. Cut a hold on top of the pumpkin but leave the solids inside. You can then stuff with leaves by plaing the ends of the stems right into the soft middle of the pumpkin. Create the opening on the top of the pumpkin smaller that that of a candle that will be placed on top of the foliage. If the hole is too small, the candle will not stand upright. After placing the leaves, add the candle and light.
  • *Thanksgiving dinners can sometimes be better the next day. Be creative with leftovers. While you are shopping for the main meal, plan the "next day" meals as well, that way you only have to shop once.
Drill Hole Pumpkins Pumpkin with Candle Pumpkin with Bittersweet

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