Christmas Entertaining

Plan an unforgettable holiday party!

Make your holiday memorable by planning a party that no one will forget. Keep it simple but play up color and elegance. Use traditional ideas, but add your own touch to them. The ideas below should help get your imagination rolling.

  • *Instead of the typical Christmas gingerbread house, try building a lighthouse shaped gingerbread structure or a simple Christmas tree. First draw a template on plain white paper, purchase candy such as rock candy for the walls of the lighthouse and pretzels to create a watchtower railing.
  • *Don't leave out the bedroom when decorating for Christmas. Take down the photograph or painting that may hang above the bed and temporarily replace with a fresh evergreen wreath. If you don't want needles falling into your bed either find another wall to replace artwork or purchase a fake evergreen wreath.
  • *When wrapping presnts, don't always stick to regular wrapping paper. Use brown paper and dress it up with colorful ribbons or stamp art on the actual paper. For a coastal touch, add a shell through the ribbon and tie tightly.
  • *Stockings and ornaments do not always have to be traditional. Try using lots of color when creating stockings and purchase ornaments that do not have to do with the winter season. A Santa that is surfing adds a create touch to the tree.
  • *For an elegant look, use silver and glass place settings and serving ware for the table. To make the table more festive, use colorful holiday ribbons that mix and match.
  • *Create a wreath with foliage instead of evergreen branches. Berries also work and they add great vibrant color.
  • *Although red and green are the most popular seasonal colors, white is very festive when matched with seasonal decorations such as a wreath. White not only lloks fresh and clean, it matches any other pattern you are using.
  • *Create wreaths made out of shells for a seaside touch. Pick shells at the beach throughout the year and then display them for the holiday season in a wreath layout. Use a piece of cardboard for the template, then hot glue the shells on.
  • *Don't feel limited to buying red pinsettias. There are many different colors being grown each year and although you may want the plant but not the red blosson, any other color is just as festive. The plant itself screams Christmas, so the color can be changed. Poinsettias thrive in bright indirect light. Keep soil modererately moist, but don'a allow water to stand in the bottom of the container. Poinsettias do best when daytime temperatures stay between 70 degrees and 55 degrees.
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