Christmas Eve Ideas & Menu

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Make Christmas longer than just a day by celebrating the night before. Christmas Eve has many tradions, one of which I will share with you for a holiday menu.

*Seafood Newburg over Puff Pastry is always a favorite. You can also try the Seafood Newburg over pasta or wrapped in crepes.

*Serve with petite peas and onions. This is a great way to make vegetables a part of your meal. You can serve them plain, with butter or in a cream sauce.

*End your meal with a Jellied Salad. For my family this was always the best part, a treat you had to wait for!

Create traditions of our own with your family this year!

*Use Christmas Eve as a last minute time to decorate. Cut evergreen branches from trees and place them on flat surfaces throughout your home. To add a little color, place a sprig of winterberry on top of the evergreen. This creates a red and green decoration that also smells great!

*Exchange one gift on Christmas Eve. Other than a gift or toy, make it a pair of pajamas for example. This way children can count on a gift but it is also a necessity.

*Exchange stocking gifts. Allow children to wrap small gifts and place them in other family memeber's stockings.

*Make reindeer dust and sprinkle it on the frontyard.

It has once been said,
That right before you go to bed.
You should sprinkle magic reindeer food,
To quickly bring Santa and his brood.
For many years the legend has been told,
To boys and girls, both young and old,
Sprinkle the food throughout your yard,
Then finding your house won't be so hard!
The reindeer can smell the food for 100 miles,
Just do not leave it in big piles!
After you do this you must go to sleep very fast,
So Santa and his reindeer will not pass!

*** To make reindeer dust:
mix 1 cup sugar
1 cup instant oatmeal
1 cup glitter

*Spend time donating to charities. Sign up to work at a soup kitchen or make crafts to donate to a local Christmas Fair. Homeless shelters also need extra hands during the holiday season as well.

*Although it might sound like an old tradition, Christmas caroling is always a hit. Gather a few neighbors, kids as well as adults, print lyrics for various well-known Christmas songs, bundle up in warm clothes, and head out for an evening of singing.

*If you are going to be making gingerbread houses on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve is a great time to prepare the gingerbread and toppings. Place candy in bowls, bake the gingerbread and cover surfaces with tinfoil to allow for easy clean up. With all this done ahead, Christmas Day is left to have all the fun.

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