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Our Story:

It all began in 1946 when Hazel Ellis Hancock (Cal Hancock's Nana) opened an oceanside restaurant in Ogunquit Maine with one simple rule: Never hide the taste of Maine lobster.

After spending time in the midwest, Cal Hancock returned home to continue Nana's tradition. Since 2000, she has been coming up with innovative recipes in her test kitchen located in Cundy's Harbor, and delivering a pure Maine experience to doorsteps across the country. Whether you're a Maine native missing the good-eats from home or someone "from away" who hasn't yet had the chance to savor the taste of Maine, you can take your taste buds on a trip from the comfort of your own home at any time of year.

Maine to Table

Maine is unique. It's the only state that is one syllable, the only state that borders one other state. But the local lobster is what really sets it apart from the rest, and here at Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company, we've taken it a step further. The only state we'd ever want to call home. This is Maine. And yes, here you can hear the clanging of channel markers when the ocean kicks up. And the salt really does stick to your skin long after a chilly ocean dip. And the food? Oh my word, the food.

Each morning, our culinary team rises with the sun to make the day's orders. A pure Maine experience inspired by generations of family recipes, made from scratch without compromise. And each order? Well, it arrives ready for you to heat, eat and enjoy when the time is right, no prep needed from you. All of our products are made in small batches to preserve quality.

An Eco-friendly and Sustainable Industry

Lobstermen have been making lobster preservation a priority long before sustainability became a "thing". Laws regulating size limits and harvesting methods, reinforced by a genuine commitment to preserve the habitat for later generations, are important to Maine's lobster industry.

Whenever possible, we use locally-produced ingredients. We purchase our cream, butter and milk from local dairies and our Maine lobster from local lobstermen ("women who lobster" - several of whom work for us - prefer to be called lobstermen), all of whom are established family businesses that actively supporting the preservation of the lobster supply.

In every dish we make, we want this idea, this truth of Maine, to make it to your door (and then your oven, your table, and your taste buds). Everything we do is Maine from Scratch--food that is made by real people, with care and a thoughtfulness that seems to have been lost in the hectic lives we all lead. We're committed to offering you a taste of Maine in every bite without compromising on quality.

Our award-winning recipes have earned prestigious awards (11 Golds from International Fancy Food Shows to be exact), and even beaten Bobby Flay in a Throwdown, something people around here are still talking about.

But what we're most proud of are the emails, phone calls and friendships we've made with the customers who know they've found something special in our creative and comforting dishes.

From Maine with Love,
The Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. Crew

Hancock Lobster Story

Our Awards

Ok, so really, we're not in this for the awards. But when we win big, we like to let people know! Having seen the blue ribbon quite a few times at the International Fancy Food Show (it's like the specialty food Oscars), we're pretty proud to offer you these award-winning dishes:


lobster stew

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