Mobile Site Information

Ordering on the mobile store

Orders can be placed on any mobile device 24/7. After adding items to your basket, you will proceed to check out. Once information is entered, there will be a confirmation page to review and submit. It is important to submit this page or the order will not process. Once the order is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent with detailed information of your order including the date Ship date and the shipping method.

Top Navigation Details

Home- This will take you back to the "home" page with our Featured Products.

Shop- For a more detailed shopping experience, click shop. This will allow you to narrow a product category to shop from, view all products, view only Gluten Free products or read additional company information.

Search- Enter a specific product or product type to view all possible matches for quick shopping.

Cart- If you have products in the cart and need to leave the mobile site, click on Cart to bypass the shopping process and pick up where you left off to continue to check out.

More- Sign into an account that was made on our traditional web site to gain access to account information or view our shipping Options and Shipping Information. At any time there is a "Back" button at the top right corner to navigate to the previous page.

How do I see the traditional web site?

Click the blue link that says, "web version" at the bottom of the page, this will change the view of the web site.

How do I see the new Mobile site?

From any mobile device, Clcik here to View Mobile Site,

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